Terrible Effect Plastic Surgery Origin carelessly in South Korea

Trends in the lively popular cosmetic surgery in South Korea, no doubt has been endemic and “inspiring” women to reconstruct the face through plastic surgery in South Korea’s.

One of them is Kim Bok- soon. Born with a nose that is less bangir, making Kim tempted to do plastic surgery to fix it. These desires are more motivated after hearing a Chinese physician said that Kim would be richer if it has a high nose aquiline alias.

kylie jenner before plastic surgery , Impulsively Kim also contacted a beauty clinic that had he seen from a woman’s lifestyle magazine. Kim admitted that her family is very objection to his decision to perform plastic surgery. However, for the sake of a more beautiful appearance, Kim did not heed their opinions.

Arriving at a beauty clinic South Korea’s Kim tempted to want to do plastic surgery on other parts of his body. As a result, the initial intention just want to make sharp nose, grown to 15 other plastic surgery. To finance it, Kim was willing owed to the people of 28,000 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 30 million.

Later, Kim learned that doctors fix her face is fake fake doctor alias. At that time, he has not felt any adverse side effects. However, the reality is quite easy trauma and was was throughout his life. Kim was worried something will happen high risk on his health.

Sure enough, five years later, Kim battled share related diseases plastic surgery carried out the fake doctor. Now, she could not close her eyes because of the pain around the face. Then, his nose is always runny and hard to stop. This condition makes the husband of Kim divorced by her husband, who made her frustrated and depressed.

“It is sad when people do not want to see my face, this is not a human face, it’s like the face of a monster or alien,” said Kim told Reuters.

Since 2009, the number of casualties as a result of plastic surgery deceived fake doctors in South Korea, as experienced by Kim, the numbers continue to increase over time. Well, if any one of you who are interested in plastic surgery at the State Ginseng, make sure the doctor or clinic where you go with the official legitimate by the local Health Department.

Although Aman, 7 Risk Fixed It Can Happen When Plastic Surgery

Every year, the growth rate in the world of plastic surgery is increasing. Not only facial surgery, now the trend is growing with the number of people who perform plastic surgery on their bodies.

In fact, in the world, there are eight kinds of plastic surgery that is done by people. Call it the iris operation until the operation six pack. kelli giddish plastic surgery

cover plastic surgery

During this time, plastic surgery has never been banned. However, despite having high safety standards, it does not mean plastic surgery to avoid the risk of dangerous, you know.
Reported Health Line , the following seven most common complications in plastic surgery:

1. Hematoma
Hematoma is a blood bag that resembles a large and painful bruise. This complication occurs in up to six percent of the breast augmentation procedure and is the most common complication after a facelift . This complication is also a risk of almost all operations, and treatment sometimes includes an additional operation that serves to drain blood.

2. Nerve Damage
Potential nerve damage can occur throughout the surgical procedure. Numbness and tingling often occur after plastic surgery. This effect can also be a sign of nerve damage.
Most women experience changes in sensitivity after breast augmentation surgery and 15% permanent loss of nipple sensation.

3. Infection
Although the post-operative care includes measures to reduce the risk of infection, but this treatment is one of the complications of the most common plastic surgery. In breast surgery, for example, cellulitis (skin infection) occurs in two to four percent. In some cases, the infection can be severe and require internal and IV antibiotics.

4. Deep Vein Thrombosis dan Pulmonary Embolism

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition in which the blood clot forming in the blood vessels, usually in rigid. When the clot is broken off and walked into the lungs, a condition known as a pulmonary embolism (PE). Although relatively rare, but these complications can be fatal.

5. Grate Network
Surgery is usually led to the creation of scar tissue. Because cosmetic surgery trying to improve your appearance, scars can be very annoying. Eg hypertrophic scarring, scars are red and thick congenital abnormalities occur in approximately two to five percent of breast augmentation procedure.

6. Organ Damage
Liposuction can be traumatic for organs. Visceral perforation may occur during a surgical examination of internal organs in contact with. This wound repair can be done with additional operations. Perforations can also be fatal.

7. Complications of Anesthesia
Anesthesia is a practice that allows patients to undergo surgery without feeling pain. General anesthesia, where the treatment is used to make you unconscious, can sometimes lead to complications.

Complications of anesthesia can be diverse, ranging from a lung infection, stroke, heart attack and death. The risk of general anesthesia is usually someone will wake up dazed and shivering. However, there is a risk of unusual happened like waking up in the middle of surgery.

Stress-Free Tips While Vacationing

For many people, vacation is an important activity. However, it does not mean free of stress. Just imagine that you are (with the goods, souvenirs, and children) must face the delayed flights and crowded airports, or crowded train station and a breakdown of the streets. Ten tips can help minimize stress while traveling. Some tips intended for passengers, but we can also apply to other types of travel.

10 Stress-Free Tips While Vacationing

1. Book your ticket as early as possible
Plan for homecoming and a holiday as early as possible in order to freely choose the scheduled departure time. Flights am usually experience less delay than another hour. Avoid the busiest dates, for example, two days before and
after Christmas, or New Year. If possible, go in the day to avoid the crowds.

2. All-digital
Before leaving, download entertainment materials as much as possible and keep them in a tablet, e-reader, mobile phone, computer or DVD player. Matters
helps overcome boredom and stress. Do not forget to bring earphones, spare batteries, and chargers.

3. Provide enough time
Departing an hour early to avoid travel constraints. Reluctant? Imagine being able to relax an eye wash and buy food rather than have hastily down the airport carrying a briefcase.

4. Carry only essential items
Fruit arms and other goods that are complementary may be sent first. So, already reduced the hassles of carrying a variety of suitcases. Goods can even be shipped and packaged together with the suitcase. Or, buy a souvenir by from an online store, and we just bring a gift bag. If there is no other choice, you should not wrap gifts. So when a security officer needs to inspect it, you do not grow hassles.

5. Preparing to pass the examination
If you are going to use the plane, make sure all the items laid out well before passing the entrance examination. Save money coins, keys, belts, cell phones, and jewelry in a small bag so no need to grope in the pocket while waiting. If traveling with children, use special lanes when there are family. Do not forget to explain the process of checking on the little guy.

6. Prepare mentally
Prepare yourself for the worst, such as flight was delayed or modified route. By doing so, you immediately know what to do. Bring snacks, extra clothing, and toys, in case if you have to stay. Keep important numbers in your phone, such as car rentals and phone numbers of relatives.

7. Do not let hunger
Hunger can make anyone irritable, so make sure the stomach is always filled. Boredom in the air can be overcome by eating food served especially for children. Select high-fiber foods that satiety last a long time such as nuts, dried fruit, cheese and boiled egg. Or, after passing the examination, seek immediate favorite food for lunch.

8. Stress can be experienced all the
stress felt by all who come forth and vacation. Settle down and stay positive. Children can feel the stress and this is not easy for them. Tips, include children when planning a trip and bring toys, books, or other items of their liking.

9. Take care of
pain while away from home is no fun. Stay healthy, if necessary, ask your doctor for the flu vaccine. Diligent hand washing and hand sanitizers are always prepared to repel germs.

Avoid traffic jams 10.
Although this is quite difficult to do, but it could not hurt to leave early to avoid congestion. Encourage children to sing or play to be a fun trip. Often stopped to rest and enjoy a snack. Do not forget to make sure the safety of the vehicle such as checking the condition of the brakes, battery, fuel and tire pressure as well as packing boxes P3K.

Free Clipart Downloads and What Make Them Perfect Idea to Customize Your Place With

Whether you want to hold an event or just want to decorate your room with, you know that you will go nowhere without decors. However, you don’t have to actually buy new decors to decorate your place with. You can actually make good use of free clipart downloads to deal with it. What can make them better than new decors then? There is always more to it than what meets the eyes after all.

Free Clipart Downloads

Affordable and Easy Idea to Find and Use Yourself

There are all sorts of events people might hold in one year. Do you think you can spend money for new decors for just every event? It will rip you off someday. As you might have known, buying new decors is the easiest to realize décor theme since you can always find them as a set with matching pieces. In return, you will have to pay with your money. Would using free clipart be the same then?

Of course, it wouldn’t. While buying new decors cost you so much, free clipart downloads would only cost you a little to no cost at all. You just need to download the clipart from anywhere after all. The ClipartPen would make the best site to do that. Once you have the chosen clipart, you can print it and attach it to something to decorate it with. How can this idea be pricey if that is the case then?

There are many available resources that can provide you with the clipart. ClipartPen has countless of them if you don’t know where to start looking. The idea of using clipart for event decors is the most affordable way since it is free and easiest to find around. Sure, you have to put effort to make good use of it, but free clipart downloads surely make perfect idea for budget tight event holder, you see.

See More Objective Differences Computer Embroidery Machine and Manual

See More Objective Differences Computer Embroidery Machine and Manual

Perhaps you are one of the many people who say are superior to computer embroidery rather than manual. In fact, it is not so. You should be more careful to see the difference between computer and manual embroidery. Bordir Komputer Bekasi

Indeed, computer embroidery is much more modern. Similar to other modern technology, its superiority is far more than conventional or traditional.
However, it is not always true. You should know that the price of computer embroidery can be more expensive compared to manual embroidery. Do not believe?

Jasa Bordir Komputer Murah You can compare yourself by asking the embroidery services. And actually it makes perfect sense. If you order a small amount of embroidery, you have to pay more if you order in place of computer embroidery services. Conversely, you can save money if ordering embroidery in a little quantity in place of manual embroidery services.

Jada in essence, you can get a cheap price when ordering in place of computer embroidery with a lot of quantity. The more the number of embroidery you order, the more light it will cost. Conversely, if the order is only a little, you should just order in the service of manual embroidery.

So, not all that modern technology is better, is it? However, it must be recognized more superior side of computer embroidery than manual embroidery. To be sure, the work of embroidery faster although the quantity is very much. Moreover, the results of the embroidery was more persisi and in accordance with the design that was made at the beginning. Bordir Baju

Manual Embroidery Machine

You will know more about the difference between a computer embroidery machine with a manual by knowing each machine or tool used. In essence, these two types of tools are the same, which is a tool designed to embroider. It’s just that one is conventional and the other is modern.

Manual embroidery machine is like a sewing machine. The concept is almost the same as a sewing machine. In addition, this machine is done by someone. Hence, pengerjaanya must be one-one. It can not be done in bulk like a computer embroidery machine.
However, there is something that can be done by manual embroidery machines and can not be done by computer embroidery machines, ie in terms of artistic. Some people consider the results of manual embroidery more artistic.

Computer Embroidery Machine

Jasa Bordir Komputer From the name alone, you must have guessed. Everything must use a computer, not least in preparing the design or often called the embroidery film. Computer embroidery service providers use specific image programs or software to create embroidered movies. After the description has been finished, the file is stored in a format tailored to the computer embroidery machine owned. Furthermore, the file is inserted in the machine and the embroidery process will be done immediately.

Hopefully this brief information makes you more objective to see the difference of computer and manual embroidery machines.

How to Make Your Own Movie?


The first step to your filmmaking career is simple: have a good idea. When the money is short, a tip to make nice movies without spending much is to develop this initial idea enough through good dialogues that do not require much production or special effects to be recorded

> Elected Best Film at the 2008 Rio Festival, Just the End, by young director Matheus Souza, used and abused funny dialogues at the time of “sewing” the work, which cost only 8 thousand reais


Before putting your hand in the dough, an essential item is to write the script. In it, it rolls from the description of the main scenes and dialogues until as they are the scenarios. The more detailed the script, the easier and more organized the recordings

> A legal plot always has some kind of psychological conflict, be it between two characters or a character with himself. So, capriche in this “existential question” and, of course, how it will be solved


In the absence of a bufffoot for the cast of actors, it is worth calling the friends who fit most into the profile intended for the characters – and, of course, who have the slightest ability to play the roles. And it’s always good to remember: having a cat friend in the movie can lend a good hand to the audience

> When shooting, try not to leave the crowd in the corners or under the screen. In a good frame, the character’s eyes are more or less in the upper third of the image

> If you do not have a tripod, always try to support the camera on some piece of furniture while filming. In addition to avoiding tremors, it can render unusual angles, such as leaving the camera somewhere higher


To create the climate of the scenes, the key is to position the lights well, which can be from lanterns to candles. A light that comes from underneath, for example, passes a more tense climate, as in the horror films. Already a light behind the character – the so-called backlight – creates a more mysterious visu

> In addition to lighting, the decoration of each environment with appropriate objects for the scene helps to compose the desired climate


Today there are several editing programs to give you an even more professional look at your video – and many are available for free on the internet. You can do simple but very cool tricks. For example, treating scene colors using warmer tones (such as orange) in fun scenes or cooler tones (such as blue) in the dés

> The most popular programs for editing are Adobe Premiere, for those who have a PC, or Final Cut, for those who use a Mac


Once the film is finished, the internet is a great way to spread it. You can post the video on sites like YouTube or Vimeo and then tell the whole galley through blogs or social networking sites such as Orkut, Twitter and Facebook. If the film falls into the taste of Internet users, it is success in certain – from there it is to go to record the next one!

Do it yourself

Some special effects used in movies can be made at home in a good way. See the homemade tricks that can give a degree in your movie

Blood – Few things make as much impact on a scene as blood spurts. The trick to making at home is to mix corn syrup, water, red food coloring and a little chocolate syrup, which ensures the most realistic texture to the bloodstream

Glass – How to break glass is expensive – and, above all, dangerous – violent scenes like a window smash with a punch can be made using homemade “glass”. The secret is to mix water, sugar and corn syrup, bring to the fire and then put that broth in a mold with the desired shape

Severed limbs – If you want to barbarize overall, and shoot scenes with severed limbs everywhere, just wrap foam around fine thin PVC pipes and then spray dye – just do not call your grandmother to watch!

Scars – Scary cut marks can be made with latex – which you easily find at party decor stores – or clay. The secret is to caprichar in the makeup so that the scars fajutas have the same color of the skin