Terrible Effect Plastic Surgery Origin carelessly in South Korea

Trends in the lively popular cosmetic surgery in South Korea, no doubt has been endemic and “inspiring” women to reconstruct the face through plastic surgery in South Korea’s.

One of them is Kim Bok- soon. Born with a nose that is less bangir, making Kim tempted to do plastic surgery to fix it. These desires are more motivated after hearing a Chinese physician said that Kim would be richer if it has a high nose aquiline alias.

kylie jenner before plastic surgery , Impulsively Kim also contacted a beauty clinic that had he seen from a woman’s lifestyle magazine. Kim admitted that her family is very objection to his decision to perform plastic surgery. However, for the sake of a more beautiful appearance, Kim did not heed their opinions.

Arriving at a beauty clinic South Korea’s Kim tempted to want to do plastic surgery on other parts of his body. As a result, the initial intention just want to make sharp nose, grown to 15 other plastic surgery. To finance it, Kim was willing owed to the people of 28,000 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 30 million.

Later, Kim learned that doctors fix her face is fake fake doctor alias. At that time, he has not felt any adverse side effects. However, the reality is quite easy trauma and was was throughout his life. Kim was worried something will happen high risk on his health.

Sure enough, five years later, Kim battled share related diseases plastic surgery carried out the fake doctor. Now, she could not close her eyes because of the pain around the face. Then, his nose is always runny and hard to stop. This condition makes the husband of Kim divorced by her husband, who made her frustrated and depressed.

“It is sad when people do not want to see my face, this is not a human face, it’s like the face of a monster or alien,” said Kim told Reuters.

Since 2009, the number of casualties as a result of plastic surgery deceived fake doctors in South Korea, as experienced by Kim, the numbers continue to increase over time. Well, if any one of you who are interested in plastic surgery at the State Ginseng, make sure the doctor or clinic where you go with the official legitimate by the local Health Department.

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